Ten tips to make the most of a headhunter’s call

Posted on Tuesday, June 6th, 2006 by

Who knows, it may change your career, and your life… 1. Always take the call. You may not be looking for a new position or employer now but it pays to think ahead and have a long-term view of your career. It’s all about keeping doors open and maximizing your opportunities. They may even have your dream job… 2. If you can’t talk there and then, make an alternative arrangement when it’s mutually convenient. Creating thinking space will also allow you to give the headhunter a favourable impression. 3. Any headhunter worth their salt will know a bit about you. If they don’t then it’s speculative. That may be OK but make sure you question them thoroughly about the role to be sure it fits. Be firm about what you do and don’t want. 4. Only send your CV if you are sure it won’t be sent out without your approval and make sure you get the job description in return. 5. Be very clear about what you can and can’t do and what you would be looking for in your next move. A few minutes clarification will help save your time – and theirs. 6. Use the headhunter’s knowledge of the market to benchmark yourself. Knowing your own value will help with current as well as future employers 7. Don’t underestimate the importance of an interview with a headhunter. Their opinion will dictate whether you are put forward or not. 8. Preparation is everything. Do your homework before meeting with either a headhunter or the client company. A lot of corporate information such as share price and history can be found on the company’s website, but it’s also essential to scour recent press coverage to gain an insight into the company’s reputation. 9. Good headhunters will brief you thoroughly and advise on interview technique. Insist on a full briefing note and talk to the headhunter before the interview with the employer. 10. Let the headhunter negotiate the package for you. They are expert at this and will get the best deal for you and the company.