Chapple launches new Communications and PR service

Posted on Thursday, April 19th, 2007 by

Are you a first-class, dedicated freelance PR/communications professional who would like to develop your career long-term? Is your business in need of interim public relations support from people you can trust to do a great job? If the answer is ‘yes’ to either question, then read on to discover how Chapple can put you on the path to success. Launching this month, Chapple’s new interim communications offering to service both clients’ and candidates’ needs. Here’s how it works. Freelance PRs/Comms Professionals: Developing and championing talented freelancers in much the same way as a literary agent works with an author, or a theatrical agent works with an actor, all freelancers who are referred to Chapple are approached as potential ’employees’. As such, Chapple will select which freelancers it represents from only the very best in their fields. If you’re lucky to be one of the elite, then not for you the possibility of being shipped into a job below or unmatched to your capabilities – just because you’re ‘available’! Instead, as a Chapple freelancer, you will benefit from bespoke career coaching and continuous, long-term professional development (including appraisals, training, promotions and pay rises), as well as being offered appropriate and stimulating work placements from a wide range of blue-chip clients. Having undergone a series of interviews, background checks and references, you will be seen as Chapple ambassadors, being able to provide exactly the same quality-assured service currently offered by Chapple’s permanent placements. You will be valued because of your knowledge and proven ability and may become involved in many exciting assignments including: developing and implementing PR, media and event strategies; crisis management; launching new products and brands; project management; paving the way for M&A’s and major business transformations. Clients: If you’ve worked in HR/recruitment or communications/PR for any length of time and are tasked with finding top interim talent – and fast – you’ll already know that finding freelancers can be, at best, a game of hit and miss. Sadly, the practice of offering junior candidates just because they’re available, rather than because they’re the right person for the job, is common practice amongst many recruitment companies. Thanks to Chapple’s new freelance service, this situation is about to change. Having unrivalled access to an elite pool of thoroughly-vetted, dedicated and capable freelance PR/Comms professionals means that Chapple is able to provide people you can trust – when and where you need them. Working as individuals or in teams, Chapple freelancers will undertake short and long-term assignments; work as part of an existing team or take ownership of a specific project. With proven track records, and having undergone a series of interviews, background checks and references, Chapple’s freelancers are experienced in the whole spectrum of PR and communications functions including: « Directing and managing projects « Launching products and brands « Taking companies into new markets « Handling sensitive and complex messages internally and externally « Crisis management « Transforming underperforming teams « Paving the way for M&As and major business transformations And, because Chapple freelancers – unlike any other freelancers in the market – benefit from continuous professional development, including training and regular appraisals, AT NO COST TO THE CLIENT, your organisation will benefit from a thoroughly engaged and motivated individual. If you would like to find out more about the new service, either as a freelancer or as a client, please contact Alison Taylor on 020 7384 3092 or e-mail her at: Or, … Back to Top Can you help? Do you know of or have employed a PR freelancer who has done a great job for your business? Do you work alongside a communications colleague who you think would be a credit to the new Chapple freelance team? If so, we’d love to hear from you! Please contact Alison Taylor on 020 7384 3092 or e-mail her at: Back to Top