Chapple rated ‘Recruiter of the Month’

Posted on Thursday, April 19th, 2007 by

And now for some news of our own! Chapple has been rated ‘Recruiter of the Month’ on, the online independent recruitment feedback site. Judged by candidates and employers on criteria such as first impressions, understanding of the market, appreciation of diversity, the quality of ongoing relationships and ability to keep candidates up to date, we scored 85%, over 30% higher than some of the generalist recruiters. Suzannah says: “We’re delighted that our career partners, candidates and employers, have had such a positive experience with Chapple. Reputations aren’t deserved but earned and with two new team members, Jenny Cahill and Alison Taylor, joining us in as many months, we’re confident that we’ll continue to build on ours.” What’s been your experience of Chapple? Click on to share yours.