Costly legal problems if job interviewers are unde

Posted on Thursday, April 2nd, 2009 by

New research has revealed that it pays employers to leave job interviews to the professionals. A report by business leadership consultancy DDI has found that more than half (54%) of UK interviewers are unable to correctly identify questions that could be age or sex discriminatory, which, in these increasingly litigious times, has costly legal implications for the firm hiring. Knowing the right questions to ask is only half the story (read below to find out more). With an ever-decreasing talent pool, it’s equally disturbing that nearly half of UK interviewers could be rushing decisions and forcing errors when hiring, with 47% of the 1,910 global employers surveyed spending less than 30 minutes reviewing candidates’ interview results before making their selection. “98% of our successfully placed candidates are still in post two years later, a track record which saves employers valuable time and money,” says Suzannah.