Staying positive’ the key to career success

Posted on Tuesday, January 12th, 2010 by

Candidates wanting the edge over fellow job hunters might do well to use the experience of Jenny Cahill, our internal communications specialist, to their advantage. During a ‘challenging’ 2009, Jenny has found that candidates with a ‘positive mental attitude’ at interview are much more likely to win the role. “Candidates who have gone to job interviews with an open mind and a positive attitude, have, particuarly over the past eighteen months, been significantly more successful than those without,” she says. She cites coming to the interview with ‘no baggage’, even if a candidate has been made redundant from a previous role, as one of the reasons given by clients when choosing a hire. Apparently, just like dating, desperation can be a turn-off when it comes to first impressions… “There are three things that put candidates at a distinct advantage,” she says. “Demonstrating a positive attitude throughout the process, including confident behaviour and outlook; being prepared for interview, including ensuring the CV is tailored for the specific role and is up to date and; having an open mind.”