Election puts Internal Communicators in driving se

Posted on Tuesday, May 18th, 2010 by

Internal communicators who have already had to steer employees’ hearts and minds through the turmoil of the recession will find their roles even more indispensible with the change in government. And its not just public sector teams who will be asked to interpret how short and medium term policy changes will impact on their business frameworks. Private sector internal communicators, whilst relatively but not totally immune from impending public spending cuts, will also be charged with helping their senior managers navigate changed political policies and priorities for the months and years to come. The news that three in five internal communications departments are either growing or maintaining their headcount is not, then, entirely surprising and confirms that the profession is rightly gaining gravitas at senior management level. A recent survey by VMA found that 68% of respondents reported that their senior executive teams are either generally supportive or active champions of the discipline, a 12% increase on this time last year.