Are you being heard?

Posted on Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011 by

We all know the importance of employee engagement for both productivity and staff continuity. Companies benefit from a workforce that feels intimately involved in the wider project rather than merely their small corner of it. But a recent Monster survey suggests that over two thirds of employees feel that their constructive feedback to management is partially or completely ignored. While 98% of those questioned were prepared to offer their opinions on workplace issues, 32% of them felt these opinions were ignored while a further 33% thought their views had been heard and then ignored. Only 27% felt that bosses valued their suggestions and acted on them. Michael Gentle, spokesperson for Monster UK & Ireland, says: ‘It’s important for businesses to listen to opinions from all members of staff to ensure they feel valued, motivated and engaged in the company. ‘Opinions and ideas from all levels of the business will often bring valid points to light and raise issues possibly not picked up by more senior employees and management. ‘Also, ensuring that employees are happy in their roles will ultimately maximise productivity and benefit both individual and company,’ Gentle adds.