UK employees are “under pressure”, “under valued”

Posted on Monday, January 14th, 2013 by

UK employees are “under pressure”, “under valued” and “lack support”, says Wellness survey The working population of the UK is under pressure, under valued and isn’t being given adequate support by their employers, according to the 2013 Wellness at Work Survey. The survey conducted by OnePoll for The Best You magazine asked workers across the UK about mental health and well-being at work. When asked if they felt happy in the work place, only 29% of employees answered “I am mostly happy”. The highest levels of happy workers are in the south east (39%), north west (36%) and south west (34%). The survey showed the unhappiest workers are in Wales and East Anglia. It revealed that feelings of stress and lack of motivation are major factors for unhappiness at work, with 50% of respondents claiming they get stressed out by the pressure of their job and lack of well-being support from employers. The survey also showed that only 11% of workers felt that their employers offered relevant support, with 67% stating that their employers didn’t pay enough attention to workforce mental health and well-being. The survey adds that as mental ill-health is costing British businesses billions a year, employers must recognise the importance of mental stress in the workplace, just as much as physical well-being. Bernardo Moya, CEO at personal development company The Best Group, said: “In general, the age group of 55+ are the ones who are lacking the most support from their employer. This could be down to a few reasons, such as they are of a generation who isn’t comfortable with the modern world and may feel like they are being left behind.” He added: “Some employers aren’t doing enough and there is a lack of good relationships between employer and employee.”